Snake Saga 😱🌼😱

As I was preparing to leave Dehradun, the mali came and asked me to look at the neighbours window😱

This was the scene there!😱😱

As I was all packed, there was little I could do. The neighbours were out of town and the house was locked. How this snake managed to get in and how it got stuck on its way out, remains a mystery.

I told the mali Bhaiya that under no circumstance wad he to kill this poor creature and he had to do his best to secure its release.

I reached Delhi and called up to check on the fate of this snake. It so happened that there is a forest department helpline that rescues stranded animals.

They were called and very efficiently they appeared within the hour! They ‘pulled’ the stranded snake out… All Six feet of him!

and put it in a cloth bag to release it in the wild forest areaπŸ™πŸ€“.

Those who were looking forward to another story from my garden… Here it is! 😁🀭