High Strung!!!

Some wayside installations can make for great photography subjects. This decoration on the top of a restaurant looked stunning in the evening light.   
The simple combination of wire and form gives it a beautiful aesthetic !

Grace in all its forms!

This stunning ballet poster could not have been places at a better location! Just like the lines formed by an agile, flexible, graceful body, beautiful architecture too follows guidelines that enthrall the eyes. 

Somewhere they show the pinnacle of mans physical and mental perfection! 

House of God

I was drawn into this sacred space that had an unassuming entrance. As i walked in i was stunned by the beauty within! The high ceiling decorated in the most gorgeous colours and motifs, the exquisite stainedglass windows 
All added to its serene beauty. It was like an invitation…come…sit…breathe…lets acknowledge each others existence 🙂