The Slow Unfolding

Intricacy in nature
The meandering
pace of it
The gentle
Of tendrils
And buds
And petals
And leaves
All seem to say
We’ll find
Our own
To bloom
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The Peace we Carry â¤ï¸

We carry our lives
Within us
Our worries
Our stresses
Our joys
Our dreams.
And, sometimes,
We come out
Of ourselves
And confront
The beauty around us
We stop
We just ‘are’
For that fraction
of a moment
We make a memory
That we’ll carry
In our hearts
That memory of
A golden tree
A golden road
And a stranger
His prayers… 💕
#nature #beauty #stillness #magic #zenmoment #morning #mysticmorning #keepitsimple #keepwalking #morningwalkwonders #morningmusings #wordsandvisuals #lifelessons #SimplePleasuresofLife

Black and White

When he paints
He becomes
a happy child
All his colours
Going wild
In an art file,
That’s his
biggest treasure
A place that gives him
Endless pleasure
And every artwork
He imprisons
with a marker
black and white
A visual barrier
Against the fights
Within these boundaries
His happy world lies
Wiping off his tears
his anguished cries

A ‘Thank You’ note ðŸ™ðŸŒº

Over the years
Over many
A luncheon
Dinner date
We’ve shared
A hot meal
Life on a plate

Meandering down
Of before and after
You’ve brought
Wise insight
And contagious laughter
To simple moments
Threaded together
Into days and years
Smiles and tears
Faith and fears…

An engaging tapestry
With care
Strong enough
To shelter
Wide enough
To share… 💖

For all this
And more…
Thank you!

Book Review.. Urdu Poetry

My connection with Urdu poetry is mostly limited to my memories of my father. He could remember and recite the most appropriate ‘sher’ at a party and regale fellow officers for hours😊.

As I grew older, the beauty of the world enclosed within two lines, never ceased to amaze me and give me a warm, fuzzy feeling within. Much like the distilled beauty of Zen poetry.

I have loved this book since I purchased it months back. It has poetry in Urdu, english and it’s translation, also in English. While I wish I could read Urdu, this is the next best option.

The topics are divided according to the main gist, like, Love (Ishq), Mysticism (Tasawwuf)… They have couplets on that topic by all eminent Urdu poets. This is what is most fascinating…. How one topic is viewed so differently by every poet 🙂

I pick open a page at random and read a few couplets, trying to read it in the English/Urdu version. It’s like the taste of some exotic drink on one’s tongue. Beautiful!

Shri KC Kanda has produced a labour of love… His hardwork and passion cannot be missed.

In bringing so many poets inside one cover, he has given the reader, amateur or seasoned, a treasure for keeps.