An Inviting Green Haven πŸ˜Š


Some of my most prized possessions are a broom, a used Colin spray bottle and a container that had housed ‘Genteel’ liquid detergent at some point and of course, a small spade to dig and mix mud around my pots😁

Sweeping my balcony in the morning would be high on my list of ‘SimplePleasuresofLife’!

Few things give me more pleasure than getting on my haunches and sweeping the dust off my balcony floor. Then I use the genteel bottle to water the plants and give them a good rain-like spray with the Colin bottle. 😊

I feel especially good early in the morning or after a storm, when the results of my effort are specially visible😬

I have two light woven chairs that I keep covered under a cloth to save them from the summer dust, but the covering I remove as soon as I am ready to put my feet up 😎

My balcony is my ‘go-to’ space for silence and peace. To be surrounded by plants that I’ve nurtured since they were babies, gives me an odd sence of Calm… They have vibrations that soothe me…some of them have known me longer than most humans in my life πŸ˜‚

I love nurturing my balcony, sitting in the shade of my plants, having their shadow fall on me on a summer morning, being draped in their invisible hug when I just want some quiet time or read some intense material is precious.

If I were to be asked about my favourite part of my home, after my studio, it would be this much-loved, plant laden balcony πŸ’•

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