Line language 😊

What the world thinks of us becomes so important to us but they can never see the ALL of what we are…. Our dreams, our depth, our growth, they see only what their limited vision of us shows them… Our physical body, which they try to categorise… But we are way beyond that… We are a world unto ourselves… A beautiful, flourishing, fabulous world…. And we should never forget it!

A New Way of Seeing 😊

The Before and After of my morning cup of tea 😁!

This concept is so beautiful.

There is a Before and After for everything (other than make-up and weight-loss! 😂) The plump toffee that just went into our mouth, leaving a crumpled wrapper behind or the beautiful vegetables, full and shiny in a steel parat, now chopped and cooked, creating mouth – watering dishes. Or that crisp, ironed outfit that saw the fancy function, now lying in a not so artistic heap 😊.

To train the eye to see the beauty in simple everyday objects is to open up an astonishing new world of possibilities…. A new way of Seeing… 😊