Magic of Morning 🌍😊🙏

From the incessant chatter of parrots to the reflective, meditative quality of sunrise… Life gives us reasons, over and over to be grateful and mindful and respectful of this beautiful world 🙏🌍😊

Mayhem in the Morning 😊

Good morning!! 

Those who have had enough of my morning bird pics, my apologies for yet another one 🙄!


But, in my defence, I just couldn’t resist!!

The forces have doubled! They’ve spread the word around 😁… And now there are around twenty shrieking parrots at a time 😮

Other variety of birds dare to come only after these energetic ruffians have left. Even the crows keep their distance!

I notice different personalities in this wild lot. There is one with just one foot, he seldom gets into the thick of the feeding, preferring a small pile of grain on the side. Then there is the ‘Zen’ parrot… Calm as a Monk, relishes each grain peacefully, one at a time. Not for him the ‘stuffing the mouth in haste’ business. He is elegance personified. When the others take off in a startled hurry, he stands his ground, looks up to see of there is any real danger and then resumes his breakfast, shaking his head at the impatience of youth! 😎

Today was a Sunday, my day to laze in bed, but even through the earplugs, (I have to stuff in because of the snores of my pugs 😅) I could hear their grumbling from the branches closest to my bedroom!

So here I am, with another tale to tell, before I get back into bed for some Sunday reading and sketching!!

Have a good one! 🤗