That Place in my Heart β€οΈ

Sometimes, it feels like I’ve been there. In the lap of the mountains that inhabit my mind. Their colour is clear as day and their fragrance is fresh like new mown grass. I can imagine myself sitting there, amidst wild flowers and lavender… It’s the perfect place for a picnic, even if it in all in my mind 😊
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For Today… I choose Sunshine… πŸ˜Š

Acrylic is vibrant and needs some toning down, but today the landscape is sun-drenched and glowing… Who knows what tomorrow might bring? 😊
#nature #beauty #art #paintings 10×12″

Spring!! In a set of Three Paintings

I started with one canvas, but the simple joy of greens and reds was too much to resist 😊

The quick drying medium of acrylic is very attractive in that respect. It urges one to ‘get on with it’ no excuses!

It’s nice to push all thoughts aside and just plunge into colour and see what comes out of it… No expectations, except to enjoy a lazy spring afternoon😁

Painting – The Lavender Moon and Cherry Blossoms

Sometimes I get canvases of odd sizes just to see what is hiding within their stark whiteness.

In these six feet tall panels, I found a curve of the full moon and some branches of a cherry blossom tree meandering along, sprouting their gorgeous flowers here and there 😊.

I demarcated the area for the moon and then used photo ink, acrylic and diluted texture white as a base background and then proceeded to fill in antique gold in the places where I wanted the trees to be.

The whole painting came together months later, when I put the finishing touches of fresh white blossoms with a pallette knife. 😊

Golden Mountains and White Lotus πŸŒΏ

The Lotus invade my psyche… I dream about them in silent ponds, going about their business of blooming. I see the colour of water change around them in my minds eye… It completes my joy in the process of art making.

I ease out each leaf from the background and make them cluster around like friends. From their midst I make a Lotus rise, like a queen, regal and brilliant.

Art becomes more than just an act of applying colours… For a short period of time I play the role of a creator, in the limited universe of my canvas… πŸ’•