Morning Musings 😊


It’s a warm though breezy morning. I have to drag myself out of bed.

Seems like a touch of deep fatigue and body ache. I have to reach the road I tell myself, one step at a time… If I can just wear my shoes, change into my walking gear, be out the front door. Take an easy stroll, be a part of these quiet morning hours.

I start walking slowly, breathing deeply, I forget about my body’s lethargy and something familiar takes ove… These roads are my friends, they know me, the strays greet me with wild abandon and the birds don’t hop away as I cross them… They are as much a part of my world as I am theirs. I walk slower, it’s not for the purpose of ‘exercise’ that I want to be here in the morning, it’s to extend my world to include the breeze and the trees and the flowering bushes and the shedding leaves, they all welcome my presence I feel, it’s an odd yet such a perfect connection… Why do I even question it?

I pause under a tree to catch my breath and look up to find this beauty… I turn back now… My world is fine, I tell myself… I can rest awhile, have heart-warming cup of tea, put my feet up…β˜•πŸ˜Š

#SimplePleasuresofLife #keepwalking

Morning Magic

Bottle brushes are in full bloom. They look like the tear of every Weeping Willow branch ended in a flower. It’s a gorgeous sight.

At a distance, hills fade away into gentle shades of lilac tinged with the orange of a Sun that is still mustering its strength to rise.

Bird call fills the air, lilting, musical, ethereal… They flit from branch to branch with joyous energy.

Such a perfect world has been created, and it’s never more evident than in the the early morning hours… In the hills πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦β˜€οΈβ˜•

The Gift of Gratitude…

What do you say to mornings that take your breath away…

Same neighborhood, same lanes that you walk on and yet there is something unique, or maybe, it is one’s own mind that brings the change… Maybe it’s more at peace, happier… More content. So it notices more, ingests more, loves more, hates less… If I could pray for one thing it would be this… Make me less judgemental, more aware.. More in love… πŸ’•

Life is a Many Splendored Thing!

I woke up to the sound of birds. The sky was still grey but a rosy tint was forming around the eastern horizon.

Time to move out, I told myself before a second wave of sleep caught me.

Within ten minutes, I was on the road, Bob, my pug, by my side. I decided to cycle… Roads at this hour are beautifully bereft of traffic.

Birdsong enveloped me from all sides. All my senses were on high alert. I deposited Bobbie with his walker and cycled off slowly. I cycle for pleasure. It’s a process of observing nature, the road, the mechanics of the body, so flawless in its balance, the machine, so well-designed, just a gentle purr of the chain as the pedals move…

The morning air is cool, welcoming and fresh. It wont be so, even half an hour from now.

And then I stop. Like me, my favourite bird is also stunned by the colours of morning… I capture it in its regal stance as we both observe what lies in front of us… It’s beauty beyond limits…

This is why I keep my walking shoes by my bedside, no excuses.

For in walking just like in painting… An intention is not good enough, execution, is. 😊

#keepitsimple #celebratelife #morningwalkmagic