What are monsoons without rain laden clouds? 

I love those places where the rains force you to walk barefoot in the grass…where they urge you to discard the umbrella because they say, ‘Just enjoy me because I am just passing through!’ 

In the Car or Outside?


Would you rather be the photographer or the photographed? 

It was by chance that a lady with a red umbrella and a purse to match came into the frame. The rain was adding to her enjoyment of the weather, which begged the question 🙂

Such Days..Such Views…Such Blessings!


Imagine waking up to such beauty! It was during a trip to the North East part of our beautiful country that we came upon a stunning village nestled amongst gorgeous hills. Pedong, was quaint and small and a walkers haven. Wake up early, and stroll till you find a little shop selling freshly brewed tea, made on a clay stove. The taste is inimitble!