Candy Floss skies and Floating Lotus ๐ŸŒฟ

Playing with colour is one of the most exciting and delightful things one can do! Layer after layer, seeing colours merge and morph makes one let go of expectations and welcome the unexpected with joy and delight ๐Ÿ˜Š

Gather Yourself…

Gather yourself

Like you do
Flowers for prayers
In the morning
One by one
Till your basket

Gather yourself
Like you do
Strands of silk
To weave
Into something

Gather yourself
Not because
You’ve come apart
But because
You are the part
That completes


The Best Way to Live ๐Ÿ˜

To be surrounded by Lotus, relaxing and loving life in its most simplest form, is an art that a lot of creatures have mastered.

I see squirrels nibbling their food and then finding a warm spot on a curving tree branch and just lying there, breathing slowly and softly, enjoying the sun on their back. The same for content pets and cud chewing cows…. They all seem to realise the importance of the quiet moment.

Seeing them so wrapped up in joy, slows me down too. I feel like they are reinforcing some oft forgotten wisdom. And as I draw and sketch, it is with more joy, more consciousness and pleasure…there is more beauty in the colours that the eyes see and the paints that one uses… ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Lost Lotus Pond…ย 

We were driving from Dehradun to Delhi. On the way, behind some trees lay a stagnant pool of water with the most stunning Lotus in it!

I wanted the car to be stopped, but the traffic was horrendous. It was a narrow highway and suddenly applying the brakes would be foolhardy. “On our way back…” the driver promised.

I made mental notes on landmarks closest to the pond. Which village was before it, which one after. What was the formation of the trees behind which it lay…

After some days in Delhi, we headed back. I had only one agenda… To find the pond well in time for the driver to give his indicator and for us to get off the road safely.

It’s been years since then. We never found my pond… In my minds eye, it never disappeared. It keeps coming back every once in a while. The color of the Lotus change, according to my preference, but the pond?

It’s always there.


โ€‹When the time is Rightย 

When the time is right

I’ll overshadow

Everything in sight
When the time is right

I’ll give up the struggle

And give up the fight
When the time is right

I’ll bloom

Sparkling and bright
When the time is right

I’ll become

The core and the light
When the time is right

I’ll unclench

That fist shut tight
When the time is right

I’ll bloom with abundance

Well into the night…. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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