Knit Knot Nature ðŸ§£ðŸ˜Š

Attended a workshop today adorably called, ‘knit knot nature’ 😁

I didn’t know, but ‘yarn bombing’ is quite polular and almost overnight, knitting and chrotchet enthusiasts dress up tree trunks, poles, rocks and fire hydrants (😁) to give the city a cute warm look. They also use wool variations on twigs and branches to make decorative items for the home. I tried my hand at one of these and realised that I have ten thumbs 😬😂

These are like art installations and also serve to keep people’s love for their craft alive. It is something like using walls as canvas, which has become so popular these days.


he natural argument would be, “Why don’t they make sweaters for the poor instead of making coverings for things that don’t need them?” It would be a valid point. 🙏… One that I have no answer for.

I’ve seen photographs of elephants wearing hand knitted blankets instead of the usual checkered ones…I do feel people’s love for their passion is leaving their homes and moving on to streets where they can pass on their individual joy to hundreds of others. 😊

Knits and Knots of Love 

Some of the most cosy additions in my winter wardrobe have been knitted for me by my Mom in law 😊.

There are booties in various colours and shawls in brilliant red and emerald green. I have entire woollen bed spreads made by Mom one patch at a time, at the bookshop that she manages ever so efficiently. She loves keeping her brood warm and we love this about her.

The recepients of her woollen creations range from foreigners who visit the shop and fall in love with what she is giving finishing touches to, to distant relatives who keep reminding her that they are still in queue😃.

Mom never says no, and nor does she hasten. In her own pace, with her own joy, she just labours away calmly.

Bit by bit she has created entire bedspreads plus cushion covers for all her grand children. They lie beautifully wrapped in her meticulously kept cupboard, waiting for the time they can be gifted. 😊

She has been known to undo ten inches of a sweater because she spots an aberration in her knit 😶. Restarting something is never an issue with her. But living with a less than perfect creation, is.

In the winter, when I wrap around me, a beautifully perfect shawl knitted by her, I am instantly warmed, not so much by the wool as by her love that I feel surrounding me… 😍

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