Rain Rescue 🌼

Fish out of water πŸ˜”

We had torrential rain in Delhi… Too much, too soon… Water-logging caused havoc. Some fish from my over-flowing Lotus pond drifted out into puddles around the pondπŸ˜•

A day later, upon surveying the damage, I found a big catfish gathering its energy in a small, shallow and by now, fast evaporating puddle of water.

I hurriedly called for help and started using a dust pan to hydrate the fish I had put into my pond many years back.

After much hydration and generous amounts of water it blinked! The gills moved gently. We picked it up and released it back into its beloved pond 😁

Storm in my Sketchbook πŸ˜¬

To create
A wild garden
In a sketchbook
Is like creating
A storm
In a teacup πŸ€“πŸ˜¬!

Today I sat by the television not knowing what I wanted to sketch and then the image of a corner of the garden came to mind… One in which the Hollyhocks were sun-drenched and the morning was beautiful!

It was a delight to keep adding more details and colour, just for the joy of creating my own little storm in my Sketchbook πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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