Peace be with you… 

This is a permanent fixture in my bedroom. All the pieces have come from different places as gifts from loving souls. They go well together, therefore, whatever else changes in my room this remains the same. 

In the early morning hours, this arrangement gets the first rays that enter our room, systematically lighting up the leaves of the money plant and then the silhouette of the peaceful image of the Buddha.. 😊

This calms my mind. Quite often it is surrounded by paints and paper and brushes, but nothing affects it.. And therein lies the biggest lesson  it imparts me… There will be times when you are surrounded by chaos and mess. Remain centered, remain peaceful and calm… This too shall pass…. 😊


Waves of glass

 Came across this rather interesting installation at the Chandigarh airport. 

Beautifully cut panels of thick glass, lit from below, simulating musical waves. They gave a delicacy to the interiors without being visually heavy on the eyes. Loved it!