Anticipation 😊

A vine of gourd

Gives out flowers

I anticipate my harvest

With glee …. ☺️


FAMILY Time πŸ˜ƒ

So. I found a swatch of very fine cotton muslin fabric and wondered if I could simply sketch freehand on it with a ball point pen…

After sticking tape on all sides, much like for water colour paper, I started off with one of my most fun subjects, The Owl Family 😁

Art teaches me so much more about life than about mediums and techniques… It teaches me to ‘Assume nothing’… Be forever happily curious and Never lose an opportunity to try something new πŸ˜ƒ… If only to create new mistakes rather than repeat old ones πŸ˜‚

Colours of FaithΒ 

This season sees a multitude of men and women undertake a journey by foot, walking hundreds of miles sometimes, to collect the pure water of the Ganges in Haridwar and take it back to their villages and towns to bathe their family deities with that water. 

They never keep their beautifully decorated water carriers on the ground. Good samiritans and the government provide rest stations with stands made in them where they place their pure water, rest, eat and carry on with their journey…. Sometimes alone and in small groups at other times… 

It’s a show of their faith and quite a few walk bare foot… 

Peace be with you…Β 

This is a permanent fixture in my bedroom. All the pieces have come from different places as gifts from loving souls. They go well together, therefore, whatever else changes in my room this remains the same. 

In the early morning hours, this arrangement gets the first rays that enter our room, systematically lighting up the leaves of the money plant and then the silhouette of the peaceful image of the Buddha.. 😊

This calms my mind. Quite often it is surrounded by paints and paper and brushes, but nothing affects it.. And therein lies the biggest lesson  it imparts me… There will be times when you are surrounded by chaos and mess. Remain centered, remain peaceful and calm… This too shall pass…. 😊