Trouble Sleeping? Start Counting!!

The beauty of Leh is undoubtedly in its gorgeous blue sky and the equally startling blue lakes. The other thing that takes one by surprise is the sheer unbroken expanse of unforgiving, rocky land.


The nomadic families travel regularly in search of food for their sheep and shelter for themselves. One gains new respect for the human spirit upon coming in contact with these simple yet extremely hardy folk.



This idol of the Presiding Buddhist Deity overlooks the Diskit valley in Leh. It is beautifully proportioned and seems to be casting a benevolent eye on all that it surveys. It is because of the presence of such statues in great abundance that this area of India is rightfully called Land of the Gods!


The Beauty of Faith

Wood and Stone are the chosen materials for construction in the hills. Both are indiginously available and look gorgeous when paired together. I particularly love the architecture of the temples they construct. its a pleasure to sit on the wooden floor and soak in the smell of aging wood and of course, the sound of silence….:)