Morning Masti 😁

A morning walk can result in interesting interactions. 😊

I saw this cart full of beautiful flowers and decided to buy some, however, one seldom carries money on morning walks, so it was decided that he’ll land up at my home and I’ll finish my walk and join him 😁

Now I’m the proud owner of five glorious flowers pots! And he’s made his first sale at 6 in the morning 😬!


Storm in my Sketchbook 😬

To create
A wild garden
In a sketchbook
Is like creating
A storm
In a teacup 🤓😬!

Today I sat by the television not knowing what I wanted to sketch and then the image of a corner of the garden came to mind… One in which the Hollyhocks were sun-drenched and the morning was beautiful!

It was a delight to keep adding more details and colour, just for the joy of creating my own little storm in my Sketchbook 👍😊
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Flowers and Flow 💐

Flowers are a beautiful motivation to get back to the sketchbook in any medium that one prefers… In the slow observation of nature, time slows down too… As one follows the turns of petals and the miniscule grains of pollen, a wider world unfolds… We rise above ourself and reach into our own depth all at once… 😊

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