Grey Skies and yet, I Smile πŸ˜Š

There is something about stormy skies that gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy colour, the more vibrant the better… 😊


The Best Way to Live πŸ˜

To be surrounded by Lotus, relaxing and loving life in its most simplest form, is an art that a lot of creatures have mastered.

I see squirrels nibbling their food and then finding a warm spot on a curving tree branch and just lying there, breathing slowly and softly, enjoying the sun on their back. The same for content pets and cud chewing cows…. They all seem to realise the importance of the quiet moment.

Seeing them so wrapped up in joy, slows me down too. I feel like they are reinforcing some oft forgotten wisdom. And as I draw and sketch, it is with more joy, more consciousness and pleasure…there is more beauty in the colours that the eyes see and the paints that one uses… 😊

When the Earth Celebrates… I Dance Along πŸ˜Š

Sometimes I imagine myself being a flower, somewhere on the slopes of a hill, surrounded by other wild flowers of all colours. There,  in the breeze and open air… Life fulfills its own promise to bloom and blossom. 

It fills my heart with simple delight 😁