Simal Series

The Simal tree blooms in Delhi during the month of March. Almost overnight it transforms a drab cityscape into one bursting with color and joy. The thick, fat, brilliantly colored flowers attract birds of all kinds. Chatter, twitter and music fills the air!

When these flowers fall down with a thud, the smaller insects make it their playground. The sight fills me with delight and ever so often I pick up these fallen flowers and make them my muse. I share with you some of my conversations with them  🙂



A morning walk is a time for revelations. The thought of venturing out before the sun has risen and to actually witness daybreak fills my heart with joy.

The opportunity to capture interesting sights with ones cellphone is amazing too. The shot above was taken from a Samsung phone, a tiny flower hung suspended by an invisible thread, it was swaying gently in the breeze. A pause, a click and back to my walk… So very fulfilling!

Captured Sunlight :)


The gorgeous ‘Laburnum’ or the equally exotically named ‘Amaltas’ is in full bloom these days. Standing under a fully blooming tree coats the body with a gorgeous sunlit glow that bounces off our dark Indian hair in flashes of light!

An amazing, captivating, intoxicating sight….Just lean back against the smooth bark, raise your head towards the millions of hanging blooms and click a shot in your minds eye for posterity 🙂