Merge to Emerge πŸ˜Š

Merge to Emerge 😊

I twirl a slim piece of cottonwool between my fingers, it becomes too thin in places and seems ready to crumble. I overlap weak strands over each other to toughen them.

Finally, I place this delicate wick in a Diya full of ghee, I see it absorb the ghee and settle itself contentedly in a coil at the base. The small portion that is above the oil, is what I light. The heat of the match consumes it an seconds, however, when the flame reaches the ghee, it slows down, steadies itself, reintroduces itself not as a foe but a friend. Both, the wick and the flame understand each other with a new respect… They modify each other… The cotton doesn’t feel as vulnerable and the flame doesn’t feel as powerful. The ghee that played mediator to both, smiles with all its purity.

Sometimes I feel like an unimmersed wick. Weak, brittle, fragile, but then, with the oil of faith or prayer, I find myself becoming stronger. I embrace life with all its ups and downs, understanding that everyday will sometimes challenge and at other times, pamper, but I shall stay steady and radiant like the delicate wick, immersed completely, burning steadily, morphing gradually from something dainty to something far more steady, bright and beautiful… πŸ’•
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A Solution to Every Problem πŸ˜

Ward off the evil eye

With chillies and lime

Yes, it works…

You will find them

In most unlikely places

Like on zipping autos

And hole in the wall spaces
Everything will be fine

It seems to reassure

Take your reckless chances

Of protection, you can be sure! 😊

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Colours of FaithΒ 

This season sees a multitude of men and women undertake a journey by foot, walking hundreds of miles sometimes, to collect the pure water of the Ganges in Haridwar and take it back to their villages and towns to bathe their family deities with that water. 

They never keep their beautifully decorated water carriers on the ground. Good samiritans and the government provide rest stations with stands made in them where they place their pure water, rest, eat and carry on with their journey…. Sometimes alone and in small groups at other times… 

It’s a show of their faith and quite a few walk bare foot…