Diwali in Delhi

Yesterday, driving down the crowded Delhi roads, I was surrounded with cars laden with Diwali gifts, at the road crossing. 

Stopping by the cars, were little beggar children, beseeching look in the eyes as they eyed the dry fruits and chocolates piled high in the cars. They begged for a packet or two.

It crossed my mind that what we were doing made no sense at all. On the one hand there were people who would really appreciate any goodies that came their way and on the other were those who would receive them and sigh at the sight of yet another packet arriving at their doorstep, adding to the growing pile, somewhere in the corner of a room or on top of the dining table.

We really need to rethink this tradition of giving on Diwali. It is beautiful to give, but the gift has to go to one who really needs it and would have some use for it. 
This Diwali my resolution is to make small packets of all that is so generously given to us and keep it handy in the car. At every crossing, distribute these packets filled with chocolates and dry fruits to the children on the roadside. 

They can certainly do with the nutrition and the excitement of having a colourfully wrapped packet drop in their hands, when they least expect, it will be unsurpassed!

Diwali is in the Air!!

A deal is struck..a string of artificial flowers is bought and put into the bag with utmost care, as the flower seller looks on…

Its lovely to see colour come up in stark streets, livening them and making one realise that a big festival is just round the corner!