When the Earth Celebrates… I Dance Along 😊

Sometimes I imagine myself being a flower, somewhere on the slopes of a hill, surrounded by other wild flowers of all colours. There,  in the breeze and open air… Life fulfills its own promise to bloom and blossom. 

It fills my heart with simple delight 😁

From One World to Another 😊

Working on a set of 6 paintings all one square foot in size. It’s an immersive experience, moving from one to another, adding a detail here, refining a stroke there.

The power of a painting to pull you into its world is still something miraculous to me. It’s ability to soothe and smooth all the wrinkles the world brings about, is enormous. 

When my subject is the Lotus and the Koi fish, it feels like I am knee deep in water with them. Sharing their space… Living in their world before I leave it and walk into mine…. 

Pure joy 😊