Cobra in the Corner!

The hissing sound wouldn’t go away. It lasted for three days before my mother decided that she needed to do something about it.

Her gardener suggested going to get a snake charmer from the ‘Saperon ki Basti’. Mom was sceptical, but gave her consent.

The Snake charmer came and scoured moms garden. He became very quiet, as though communicating with the creature in a special, silent language.

He asked for Black lentil (Maa-ki-daal) and some other items.

He went about sprinkling them around the garden. After a pause, he asked for a sheet and went under a tall bush. He opened the sheet with both hands and kept chanting a mantra under his breath.

Out fell a black cobra, into his waiting sheet-encased arms!

He asked for two thousand rupees for his service and urged my mom to bow to the ‘Naag-Devtaa’… Which not only she, but all her friends, who had gathered to play cards, did.😊

Needless to say this was the talk of the neighbourhood for days!

#storiesfromthegarden are endless!