A Little Magic on the Road :)

Driving down to my studio yesterday, I had the misfortune of having one of those real nasty drivers behind me… Those who drive bumper to bumper, literally sitting on the horn and swearing all the time. I looked at him in the rear view mirror and he looked like a dark cloud of anger. 
How can one hasten a traffic jam? I wondered. And then, for my own peace of mind I decided to edge into another lane, just to get away from him. As he came into the spot I managed to vacate, I looked at him again and to my utter astonishment he was smiling!

The reason was in the car ahead of him… Two cute kids wouldn’t stop grinning their toothless grins and waving at him.. They broke down his armour of anger and somehow their smiles and innocence touched him. 

He waved at them shyly and tentatively at first.. And was slowly transformed into a more joyful being, a magic that only kids can weave… 😊