A Prayer for the Traveller…


“May all travellers find happiness

everywhere they go

and without any effort

may they accomplish

wheatever they set out to do.”

While travelling to the North-East part of India, one is enchanted by many big and small things. The eyes have to be focused and the camera ready to capture these memories.

Outside a small home called, Lama Hut, this prayer was pasted on a white sheet of paper. It struck a chord immediately and I am reposting it here so that everyone can enjoy the beauty, simplicity and sincerity of it 🙂

Travel safe!


This idol of the Presiding Buddhist Deity overlooks the Diskit valley in Leh. It is beautifully proportioned and seems to be casting a benevolent eye on all that it surveys. It is because of the presence of such statues in great abundance that this area of India is rightfully called Land of the Gods!


Happiness walks on tiny, busy feet :)


Clicked this in Spiti Valley. We had gone to a small village for a home stay and this cute little girl was rushing to see if she could assist us with our luggage 🙂

The simplicity and spirituality of the hill people reflects in their gentleness and their smile. Against all odds and in the toughest of terrains they survive….So much to be learned from them!