Chapter 101, Beautiful Bookstore😊

‘Chapter 101’ in South Point Mall, is my new favorite book store😁. It’s for the books they keep and the music they play! On a sturdy Bose system, the plaintive Violin ripples out… Its the title song of ‘In the Mood for Love’ by Shigeru Umebayaschi playing… Breathtaking… It makes one want to waltz😊… With a book in your arms😁

The warm tones of the decor add to the beauty of the store. Heart-warming touches like inviting people to help themselves to tea or coffee, is sweet. In a first for me, there is a row of reading glasses for those who forgot theirs 🤓

They have some beautiful books on art and autobiographies. I loved the fully illustrated version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and a thick volume of all the artwork that went into the creation of Harry Potter movie sets!! There are copies of books no longer in print. Precious.

Quite a beautiful experience!


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