Encircled in Love 

Once a favorite 

childhood companion

Skipping and fluttering

In abandon,

playing in mud, like me

In puddles, like me

In bushes, like me




Brown puffs
So little worry 

In their little life

Or so I thought

Even as they were

Systematically annihilated 

By callous mankind
Now they flutter 

Only in my imagination

Little friendly ghosts

From an almost forgotten 


What are the Chances!?

Spotted this royal creature in a parking lot! There was just about enough space for him to do his glorious dance between parked cars…mine included! 

😀Blessed morning 🙏Happy Janmashtami 

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A Bird Thinks…

A Bird Thinks…
Deep and safe in the bushes, it’s time to make a nest

Perfect, secure and comfortable, a quiet place to rest

I’ll have to work fast and hard, short list a bush or two

See if it fulfils my criteria, that is the very first thing to do
Now, collect the most flexible twigs, make sure they are the same size

They’ll be easy to curve and mold, make a perfect bowl to hold the precious prize

I’ll work fast and furiously, letting nothing get in my way

Soon, when the nest is ready, thats where my lady will stay
The eggs come soon enough and there is excitement in life anew,

Between caretaking, safeguarding and nurturing there is little else to do

Oh! The babies are so small and helpless, they fill my heart with pride

I’ll take care of their every need, I’ll never leave their side
They are growing up so fast now, how beautiful they look

Stronger and sturdier by the day, giving back more love than they ever took

Life is so perfect now, my lady, my babies and I 

I wish I could hold on to it, delay the time they’ll want to fly
One day when I come from work, I’ll be greeted by a different sight

The young ones, on the periphery of the nest, ready for their very first flight

Their joyous laughter will fill the air, I’ll try and steady my heart

Despite trying to slow time down, it’s finally time to part
They are ready for their maiden flight, I give them a tip or two

But deep down I know they’ll manage, they’ll know the right thing to do

So, fly my babies, fly high, new journeys you undertake

Remember, no matter where you go, our love will follow in its wake….