A Memory…🌼

A memory from the past

Of mountains,

Of homes

nestled amongst rocks…

And a temple,

Always a little red temple,

At a distance 😊
Watercolour on Paper

#memories #mountains #watercolor #joyofcolour #joyofart


Hollyhocks and HappinessΒ 

I saw a photograph on instagram some weeks ago. I admired it and then forgot about it. Or so I thought, till I was facing a blank canvas and just started working on it with no particular image in mind.  Then out popped the flowers from the subconscious and made their merry way onto it! 

The creative mind and it functioning never ceases to amaze me… The less I interfere, the more unique it becomes and the more it has to say… 😊! 

Nature Calls😁

When the trees March

Onto your journal in September

Full of vigour and positive energy

You know staying indoors

Is no longer an option…

And it’s finally time

To dust those keds

Inhale deeply

And be on your merry way

Soaking in the rejuvenating energy

That only nature brings!… 😁😊

#naturecalls #😁 #moleskin #pen #watercolor