The Man and his Pet :)


Monkeys can be quite a menace in certain colonies in New Delhi. They ruin trees and plants and threaten people in general..

Langoor Man to the rescue! It is well known that the only animal that can scare the army of monkeys is the calm, black-faced Langoor. Here, he is pictured with his handler, who is gathering clues about the next monkey attack in the vicinity..

Waiting for Land :)


Saw this beautiful sight on a ferry.. Two dogs, happy with their humans, waiting patiently to get off 🙂

Every time the loud horn sounded the owner of the little one put her hands over his ears and soothed him. Just adorable to watch! Needless to say the big guy was totally at ease and enjoying the buzz he had created by his mere majestic presence 🙂

I got the Whole World in my Hands!

The youngster below was working in a tea-stall in the hills. When we stopped for a break, he enthusiastically opened a wooden cupboard and brought these handful of pups. One couldn’t help but notice his sense of pride in this little pack 🙂

When I asked him how they breathed inside the wooden cupboard, he opened it wide and showd me the crude holes he had made at the back of it! The mother of these pups was also inside, recouperating from the birthing ordeal, no doubt.

DSC_0233ffboywith pups


An Exquisite Place to Break Journey


There is a window of just a few months for the people in the mountains to make some money to tide them through the gruelling winter months.

A lady started a small two table eatery serving the very basic of foods, lentils, vegetables,  rice and roti.

The food never tasted better and view remains unsurpassed till date!