A Different Connection. .

​There was something that I had wanted to do for the longest time but for some reason or the other, it always took a back seat.

Determined to change that, I made a phone call, got all the relevant details and headed to Max Hospital.

As I took the elevator to the fifth floor, I asked myself what had changed? Why now? But I had no answer, all I knew was that it was important for me and that I just had to do it. 

I told the nurse at the reception that I wanted to donate blood. “What is the name of the patient?” she asked.

I said that it was a voluntary donation. She seemed surprised but just passed a form for me to fill.

As I started answering the various questions I realized that one had to be really fit in order to donate blood. No antibiotics, no fever, no tattoos for the last one year, no heart condition, optimal weight, hemoglobin above 12, no long term medication, no addiction, no alcohol …. Wow! As I went down the list ticking various boxes, I just hoped that I would be eligible.

After signing the form, I was led to a nursing station where a quick, painless prick on the index finger would give them enough blood to determine my hemoglobin almost instantly. That done, I was guided to the doctor on duty, he went down the list perusing the entire form carefully. As he signed it and gave me the go ahead, I couldn’t have been happier. 

As I lay on the couch squeezing a stress ball, I looked down at the bag collecting my blood, marked with my name and other details, I was fascinated with my body, the strength it contained, its power of regeneration, the amazing beauty within it and most importantly, its ability to help another human being, a stranger, connect to me, by blood…