The Flow of Flowers 🌸

Watercolour is a beautiful medium to play with while watching television 😂📺… As the left brain becomes less opinionated, the right one takes over and allows one to enjoy a new artistic freedom!

For this sketchbook art, I started doodling with coloured pens and then went over them joyfully with a wet on wet watercolour technique 😁… The results were refreshing and it made me wish I had done it on good quality paper as opposed to my sketchbook 😊… It was fun, nevertheless!

A Place in my Heart ❤️

Twilight Zone

I realise after deliberating over a painting for hours, that what I really want to make is a place that I would love to visit… To sit where the Lotus bloom… Where wild grass grows, and maybe it’s visited by a firefly or two… 😊.
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Hand-crafted Beauty

The Unseen and the Unheard

When craftsmen see
Nonexistent designs,
In the weft
and the weave

When the sculptor sees
In a block of stone
A hidden figure
Of flesh and bone

Notes intertwining
When a musician hears
That sound like music
Only to his ears

When an artist approaches
An empty page
And in it feels a
A bleak storm rage

When a poet
Goes behind her words
And grabs the feelings
Hitherto, unheard

That’s when we see
Humanity at its best
Seeking the unseen
Through their solitary quest… 🙏💕

#handandheart #quest #creativity #art