Home Away from Home 😊… Travelogue

Home Away from Home

I wake up in a new city.

With the excitement of traveling alone comes the attendent hours of solitude. No maids to instruct, no door bells to attend to, no one to ask for advice or permission, no dogs to walk, just you, on your own, in a strange place.

I make small forays into the neighbourhood. Observing flora and fauna and humans too. On this round earth, from one side to another, so much variety and colour exists. Differences are apparent but daily issues seem similar.

Multi-tasking, rushing, finding quiet time to read under the shade of a tree, these seem familiar, universal tasks.

The window seat becomes my favorite spot. From here I observe life, without being in it.

The kids playing soccer after school hours are a delight to watch. So much energy and joy!

When a sudden shower takes them by surprise there is a collective whoop of joy and the game becomes even more boisterous, I smile from my perch, kids! I tell you 😊

I make my own bed when I travel. It gives me a sense of home. It helps to keep me grounded and focused… It tells me no matter how disconnected my day might be, I have a place to rest and to connect with myself. It is here that I read late into the night and sleep with the side lamp still on, it is here that I fill my journal, and crawl back into, with my morning cup of tea. It’s an important space, almost as important as the temporary work station I create by pushing furniture around (much to the horror of the staff😬)!

“Home is where one wakes up.”
A song once stated…Even if it isn’t, there is a strong urge to make the journey a more meaningful one 🌸😊

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