Rain Rescue 🌼

Fish out of water πŸ˜”

We had torrential rain in Delhi… Too much, too soon… Water-logging caused havoc. Some fish from my over-flowing Lotus pond drifted out into puddles around the pondπŸ˜•

A day later, upon surveying the damage, I found a big catfish gathering its energy in a small, shallow and by now, fast evaporating puddle of water.

I hurriedly called for help and started using a dust pan to hydrate the fish I had put into my pond many years back.

After much hydration and generous amounts of water it blinked! The gills moved gently. We picked it up and released it back into its beloved pond 😁

Happy Hydrangeas in Watercolour πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ¨

People travel to all sorts of exotic places and because of so much connectivity one finds oneself inundated with inspiration.

I save many images, some for their colour others for the subject…once in a while I bring out a photo stare at it for a while, relish the colours, the contrasts and the values… Then I put it away and rely solely on my impression of it to work in my sketch book.

I feel this gives me a sense of direction and also complete freedom to have a ‘selective’ memory 😊


Bought some succulents planted in a mug from a fair in Delhi.

They were vibrant and beautiful, but within days, shed most of their leaves and many from the cluster perished.

I am now left with two mugs and the hardiest stragglers. They are not as decorative but they are alive.

Finally, we’ve come to an understanding…they want to live and I want to help them do so. We’ve worked together. They’ve guided me about the amount of water they need and which spot by the windowsill they prefer.

Between the two cups I’ve placed a thriving money plant, sort of like a motivational speaker, urging the succulents on to live and flourish… To be more positive and life-affirming as opposed to sad and morose 😊

It’s working!

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That Place in my Heart β€οΈ

Sometimes, it feels like I’ve been there. In the lap of the mountains that inhabit my mind. Their colour is clear as day and their fragrance is fresh like new mown grass. I can imagine myself sitting there, amidst wild flowers and lavender… It’s the perfect place for a picnic, even if it in all in my mind 😊
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A Place Called Home 2 πŸ’•

Some construction work is going on by the roadside and the laborers have made a makeshift tent for their lodging.

They have selected a cool patch under some trees. The plastic sheets are a riot of colours and there’s a handful of utensils to get on with the daily business of cooking. Sometimes, when I cross them, the front of their home is being swept clean… It’s simple, beautiful and so down to earth πŸ’•

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I am most grateful for
For images that
Take me back
To cool places
And deepening shadows
For heavy monsoon foliage
And distant impression
Of trees
I am grateful for paper
And colour
And pens and pencils
That with unerring regularity
Give life
To the vision, I see
Through the window
Of either the soul
Eye…. 😊❀️