Garden Aura 🌼❀️

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Sometimes I find, much to my surprise, that the world around me, moved on when I wasn’t looking.

I see new fruits on small plants, some unusual flower bloomed when my back was turned. The ferns went ecstatic with vigour one fine day and unfurled in unison, an umbrella of emerald green fronds.

How many things do I pay attention to, I wonder… The pace at which they move, threatens to leave me behind.

So I do now, what I always remember my mother doing… Touching her plants, moving the leaves about, checking darker depths for new and surprising treasures… Making herself intimately familiar with plant life that surrounds her, one hand encased with a sock for easy cleaning of her beloved leaves.

Everybody enjoys a gentle touch, a soft word, a pat on the top… She says.

On a recent visit I asked mom if she ever felt that a day had gone by and she hadn’t done enough… Did she ever feel guilty?

If I can walk in the morning, for my physical and spiritual health and if I can pay full attention to this small world I have created around me… Life is beautiful… And this is enough… 😊🌼

Mom’s Knows Best πŸ˜

My mom
Has the special ability
To make
Garden Corners
Look like
‘Art Installations’
Of utility 😁
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A Place Called Home πŸ˜Š

There’s a story right here
Of ancient tubs
And fresh water
Of garden hose
And water woes
Of flowering pots
And shiny leaves
Of sitting under
Shady trees
Of morning teas
That lasts for hours
Of conversation
That never sours
Of little birds
Building nests
Of philosophical questions
Of man’s eternal quest
And realising
Answers don’t really matter
As much as the silence
After all that chatter 😊

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Wait Gain 😁

Carrying a sketchbook has its benefits, especially when you find yourself alone and with time to spare 😊My friends were to meet me at a coffee shop… But they were running late… This is how long it took them to reach me πŸ˜β˜•Finally, finished it at home 😁#sketchbook #illustration #waitgain #SimplePleasuresofLife #timetable

Small, ‘Big’ Joys😊

It is in the small things that big joys lie. A small bouquet came as a gift and became a constant companion by the bedside. It stood there like a sentinel, with its resident owl on guard. It stood there till I memorized every detail of its shape where it sloped, where it glossed and it seemed that giving undivided attention to anything makes you feel closer to it, you don’t feel all alone…. 🌼

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Dog Tales 😊

The ambition of youth and the contentment of maturity 😊Motu, our beige pug is around three years now. Since he came to us, a year back, as a fully – grown youngster, to now, there’s been a change in him. He’s more confident and let’s his adorable personality shine through. He aches for the outdoors. When he can’t go because of the heat he finds doors to look out through… He’s my soul-dog I feel 😊… We both are happiest amongst fallen leaves and growing grass, we can sit together for hours as long as we can feel the breeze on our face.Bobbie, has turned inwards. Where the youngster looks out, the senior looks in. He looks in to check who all are in the room. Does he have enough company here… Not for him the adventures of the outdoors, he’s ‘been there, done that’ now he knows, all that matters is breathing the same air as his humans 😊.Is it an age related thing I wonder? The young ones believe that all that’s good in life, lives beyond the four walls, the old ones know, it is within… πŸ’•#BobandMotu #dogtales #❣️