Book Review… When I Hit You

I didn’t think I could start it, I didn’t think I could finish it, but it was done…today.

This is not an easy book to read.

As the name suggests, it deals with an abusive relationship of an unnamed protagonist with her husband, a university professor with communist leanings.

One gets sucked into the chapters and encounters the systematic breakdown of the human spirit as witnessed in a brutal, isolating relationship.

The level of brutality increases with every passing day where the narrator, an aspiring writer, finds every avenue of communication with the outside world unavailable to her. As she sinks onto her cocoon of isolation, the brutality of physical assaults increase. Her husband’s desire to beat her into being an idealized version of an obedient wife leads to situations that are too painful to read through.

This book is an insight into what we read as ‘domestic violence’… Two words that fill the heart with terror about what happens behind closed doors. A secret on one wants to interfere with or know about. The shroud of silence, the hidden bruises the hurting heart are laid bare in this book.

What we are introduced to is also the indomitable spirit of the narrator and the will to live and reclaim her life.

I was in a small lift once and as the doors shut a sense of claustrophobia threatened to overwhelm me… I remember trying desperately to focus on my breathing to calm my racing heart… It was this feeling that revisited me over and over again as I read this book.

The realisation that thousands, if not millions of women go through this ordeal in their relationships on a daily basis, filled my heart with deep sadness.

It’s a difficult book to read but it’s a pertinent one.

Book Review.. Too Much Happiness

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Alice Munro has the gift of weaving short stories with a very long life.

Much later the skeleton of a story might surface up and you might find yourself becoming completely silent, trying to flesh it out. You’ll move backwards in your mind… Trying to piece a story together. Posing and answering questions in solitude to yourself.

Some of the stories in this collection of ten are quite unforgettable.

I’ll remember ‘Child’s Play’ and ‘Face’. The first for its viciousness and the other for the unconditional love that children have for their best friend. Both stories are intricately built up, immensely readable.

“Wenlock Edge” makes me wonder if things like these do happen… That people take advantage of their money and position to fulfill their quirky idiosyncrasies, taking advantage of the young with impunity.

The peep she gives into people’s lives, makes one feel like a voyeur. It’s ‘none of my business’ I want to say to some stories or ‘get your act together’ to another.

“Deep-Holes” made my blood run cold. Any story, whether fact or fiction involving children disappearing, physically or emotionally, fills me with fear… There’s a helplessness to the situation that seems beyond anyone’s control.

There is roiling emotion, like a heaving sea, behind names and people and their stories. It’s a tremendous ability to capture them and Ms. Munro definitely has that gift.

How does one choose a certain title from a group of short stories, I’ve always wondered. ‘Too Much Happiness’ wasn’t my favourite story but it certainly was the title for which I bought this interesting book. 😊

Spring!! In a set of Three Paintings

I started with one canvas, but the simple joy of greens and reds was too much to resist 😊

The quick drying medium of acrylic is very attractive in that respect. It urges one to ‘get on with it’ no excuses!

It’s nice to push all thoughts aside and just plunge into colour and see what comes out of it… No expectations, except to enjoy a lazy spring afternoon😁

Painting – The Lavender Moon and Cherry Blossoms

Sometimes I get canvases of odd sizes just to see what is hiding within their stark whiteness.

In these six feet tall panels, I found a curve of the full moon and some branches of a cherry blossom tree meandering along, sprouting their gorgeous flowers here and there 😊.

I demarcated the area for the moon and then used photo ink, acrylic and diluted texture white as a base background and then proceeded to fill in antique gold in the places where I wanted the trees to be.

The whole painting came together months later, when I put the finishing touches of fresh white blossoms with a pallette knife. 😊

Ranting… πŸ™„

One of the things that I never noticed before and one which, never fails to annoy me is the unconscious way in which people slam their feet while walking. It is like slapping the Earth. Sounds dramatic, but thats how it feels.

The other is the sound of water being wasted… A faucet leaking or the entire tap being opened to rinse one small spoon… How is it that this is fine with some people?

And what’s with staring at the phone or the ipad while replying to a question? It’s just so rude!!

And wasting food after serving yourself? No one put that quantity on your plate, so what dump half-eaten food into the dust bin like it’s garbage??