Book Review… The Wisdom of Sundays, Oprah Winfrey

This book is weightless and yet so heavy at the same time.

Weightless, in the airy, expansive photographs that grace its pages and heavy with beauty, wisdom, peace and presence.

I love it.

The text is an exhaustive selection of dialogue between Oprah and her guest speakers on the hugely popular television show, ‘Super Soul Sundays’.

I missed most of those episodes, but the few I saw were shot beautifully, in what seemed like a copse of sunlit trees, with Oprah and her guest sitting on wicker chairs and just chatting about life, philosophy, spirituality, in general.

What I am enjoying about this beautiful book is the sheer variety of speakers and their own unique thinking. It reminds me of, ‘Light from Many Lamps’ but in a very different and creatively inspiring way.

The book is to be savored like dessert after a meal or like drinking water on a hot, tiring day. It is bound in textured cotton cloth, which exudes its own warmth. All the photographs are taken by Oprah, at various stages of her life, now put together into this 235 page volume.

The pages are lush to hold, the print, tastefully selected. There is a quiet energy that pulsates through the book… It invites you to slow down, relax, savour, enjoy, in the comfort of your own home, the colour and expanse of nature interwoven by the wisdom of thought – provoking, calming, wise words.

A must keep by the bedside, where it could be the first thing you read before starting your day… Or the last, before bidding it adieu… πŸ™πŸ˜Š

Kindness of StrangersπŸ˜πŸŽ‰

It was nearing teatime.

Having wandered the Surajkund Mela for many hours with some friends, we finally reached a stall selling stunning Afghani kilim and carpets.

We sat down and started a conversation with the pleasing Afghan gentleman. He could see how tired we were and just how relaxed to be sitting, surrounded by so much hand-woven and colourful beauty.

Leaving us in the care of his cousin, the shopkeeper disappeared for some time, reappearing once again with some hot, refreshing green tea and ‘Shahi Tukdi’ 😍… To say that tea never tasted tastier or mithai more delicious, would be an understatement!!

So there we sat, my American friends and I, chatting with an Afghani who could converse in eight languages (πŸ€“!) while sitting in Haryana 😁….!

How’s that for an extraordinary day?!

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Manual Typewriter ❀️

A manual typewriter
Has made itself home
And its like words
Have found a voice
And the writer, a choice
To merge with sound
Like the tip tap of rain
Like water trickling down a drain
With little control
Stories unfurl
With no option to ‘erase’
Alphabets, one can chase
And line up together
In a straight row
Making scant meaning
But putting up a great show πŸ˜πŸ€”
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