Chapter 101, Beautiful Bookstore😊

‘Chapter 101’ in South Point Mall, is my new favorite book store😁. It’s for the books they keep and the music they play! On a sturdy Bose system, the plaintive Violin ripples out… Its the title song of ‘In the Mood for Love’ by Shigeru Umebayaschi playing… Breathtaking… It makes one want to waltz😊… With a book in your arms😁

The warm tones of the decor add to the beauty of the store. Heart-warming touches like inviting people to help themselves to tea or coffee, is sweet. In a first for me, there is a row of reading glasses for those who forgot theirs πŸ€“

They have some beautiful books on art and autobiographies. I loved the fully illustrated version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and a thick volume of all the artwork that went into the creation of Harry Potter movie sets!! There are copies of books no longer in print. Precious.

Quite a beautiful experience!


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Sweeping Changes–A life-altering book

This is a life-altering book😊.

It is beautiful to look at, wholesome to hold, a delight to consume and easy to digest.😁

This book was gifted to me in 2002 and has always been in my line of vision, no matter how many new titles were added and subtracted from my library. I have read it three times and underlined more and understood better as I have grown.

It also makes me understand why books are called our best friends… It’s not only because they give us good company but also because they give us good advice and sound, age-old wisdom.

As the title suggests, the book is about finding joy in everyday living… It is about finding something wholesome and beautiful in the ordinary by cultivating an eye and an attitude to recognize it, the Zen way.

There are sentences in here that hold the book together much like the role gold plays in the Japanese ‘Kintsukuroi’ art of increasing the beauty and value of broken pottery. Not that the chapters are lacking in any way…😊

I love the idea of looking beyond the obvious… Giving respect and attention to what we take for granted, like windows, doors, water, cooking, mirrors, rooms, sharing, living, giving, … There is a whole world to rethink about and make new relationships with.

This beautiful book gives hope, urges you to slow down and savour your life from exactly where you are. It encourages one to celebrate what one does as ‘routine’ and finds ‘mundane’ by looking at these tasks with fresh eyes and a mind that is calmly present.

Printed word is powerful and if it is backed by playful joy and lightness, it becomes an instant ally. This book has given me hours of joy, it has helped me be more organised and it is because of ‘Sweeping Changes’ that I have a broom in my studio at all times… One that I truly enjoy using😁!

Flowers and Flow πŸ’

Flowers are a beautiful motivation to get back to the sketchbook in any medium that one prefers… In the slow observation of nature, time slows down too… As one follows the turns of petals and the miniscule grains of pollen, a wider world unfolds… We rise above ourself and reach into our own depth all at once… 😊

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A ‘Thank You’ note πŸ™πŸŒΊ

Over the years
Over many
A luncheon
Dinner date
We’ve shared
A hot meal
Life on a plate

Meandering down
Of before and after
You’ve brought
Wise insight
And contagious laughter
To simple moments
Threaded together
Into days and years
Smiles and tears
Faith and fears…

An engaging tapestry
With care
Strong enough
To shelter
Wide enough
To share… πŸ’–

For all this
And more…
Thank you!