Second Moms 😊

Delhi roads are full of young girls carrying babies on their hips. They are second Moms to these infants. They seem to be taking care every need of theirs in the most efficient manner.

My heart goes out to these young ‘Moms’ who are just kids themselves but already have huge responsibility on their little shoulders.

Constant Companions πŸΆπŸ•

My constant companions, Bob and Motu.
On this solitary creative journeyπŸš— your presence is deeply appreciated 😊
Taking this moment
To thank you guysπŸ˜πŸ™πŸ’•
No matter how I messed up
With the wag of a tail
You let it be known
No mistake will ever
Your love
For meπŸ’•πŸΆπŸ•
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Sketch line and watercolour

Line and watercolour 😊

Let the line lead the way
Inspired by someones hair
Another’s eyes
Yet another’s lips
As the line flows
Imaginary dots
A story begins to unfold
And without you knowing
The story of one line
Has been

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What never fails
to cheer me up
Is this feeling
That happiness
Is just brushstrokes away
Time and again
I have tested this theory
I’ve kept personal thoughts aside
And just started a simple artwork
Slowly, I’ve felt the laden feelings
Ebb away
Like low tide
Leaving behind
A happier
A stronger feeling
I am enough
That I have enough joy in me
To share
With others
Again and again….

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Bloom like there is no Tomorrow!

Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the transient joy of blooming flowers. In its very immediacy lies its charm.

I was waiting for inspiration… When my eyes descended on a bush that I thought was done with its blossoms…! How wrong I was 😊

Tacoma Stens… A bush that blooms like it cannot contain its joy!!

#Watercolor #nature #SimplePleasuresofLife #storiesfrommygarden

Momspiration πŸ’•


One of the perks of living alone, my mom says, is finding things where you left them.

Now, after decades, I can understand why this meant so much to her. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching into a drawer when you are all set to cut something and find the scissors missing 🀬

She does things her way and very few things get broken by her hands.

I don’t have ‘Butter fingers’, she says, unlike me, she means πŸ˜”.

I check out my hands, they seem pretty capable to me, but my eyes also don’t miss the ‘feviqik’ marks on many of her old curios, because of me.

She discards very little, especially if these are gifts from her children or grandchildren.

Then, there’s the question of questioning everything.

The ‘whys’ are unending, especially when related to technology. Earlier, she could not keep up with the string of ‘whys’ her children subjected her to, now I feel inadequate. She cannot understand this fast-changing world and she couldn’t care less.

Getting her on the ‘WhatsApp’ was a victory. Deciphering her, ‘nopunctuationnofullstopnocapitalletter’ message is a major defeat on some days 😊

I received a Friend request from mom on Facebook. I was shocked. But I also knew that one of her grandkids was visiting, fuelling her on to take the FB plunge! I sent her a gushing welcome note full of enthusiasm… I still haven’t heard from her. It’s been two years.πŸ˜”

“How do you find so much time? β€œ
β€œDon’t you have anything to do?”

Are some of her FAQ’s when we meet.

The final one is,

“Do you have nothing else to write about?” after reading yet another article in which she is the protagonist 😁!

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