Careless Breeze…

A world of floating forms
in a Lotus pond…
Fallen leaves,
Flowers blown in
by the careless breeze
Blooms dragged
Now snagged
Amidst glowing
In murky water…
#nature #beauty #stillness #flowers #lotuslove #lifeinapond #myworld #Watercolours

Candy Floss skies and Floating Lotus 🌿

Playing with colour is one of the most exciting and delightful things one can do! Layer after layer, seeing colours merge and morph makes one let go of expectations and welcome the unexpected with joy and delight 😊

Golden Mountains and White Lotus 🌿

The Lotus invade my psyche… I dream about them in silent ponds, going about their business of blooming. I see the colour of water change around them in my minds eye… It completes my joy in the process of art making.

I ease out each leaf from the background and make them cluster around like friends. From their midst I make a Lotus rise, like a queen, regal and brilliant.

Art becomes more than just an act of applying colours… For a short period of time I play the role of a creator, in the limited universe of my canvas… 💕