Layer by Layer… πŸ˜Š

Layer by layer
Glaze by glaze
Patience wraps its fingers
Around a brush
And teaches
And life lessons… πŸ’•

#Watercolor #asketchaday #winsor&newton

Where Does Your Furniture Face? πŸ˜Š

There was an episode of ‘Friends’ wherein which Joey finds out that there is a family that doesn’t own a television, and his first question was, “Where does all your furniture face!!?”

It was a pertinent question because that is what ends up happening. Most of our furniture faces outward, looking into some potted plants and greenery. Nobody wants to take a seat that faces a wall!

One of the perks of living in small towns is just this… The television is quite often the last resort for entertainment…!

Despite the Pain…

They come as a set
Blooms and butterflies
In love, since eternity… 😁

#joyofcolour #joyofart #justenjoy #peacefulmorn

A cherished relative was in the hospital a while back. When she was sedated and sleeping, I would roam the disinfected corridors, making sketches of photographs hanging on the hospital walls.

Now that she is out of hospital and recovering at home, I am adding colour to my black and white sketches… 😊

It’s like colour is back in life… It’s like opening ones eyes after days of darkness and noticing afresh, just how beautiful this world is, despite all the pain… ❣️