Soulmates 😊

In the studio, all pretence drops. One faces oneself squarely. Amongst colour and creativity, ones true self emerges, slowly but surely.

My studio gives me so much more than I give it… A potted plant here, a painting for it there, but it welcomes me with unflinching joy and security, everytime.

No matter with what mood I visit, it has the power to calm me down, divert and distract, encourage and attract, the best that is in me.

I think a space has a soul of it own. It forms a unique relationship with whosoever enters it.

In that respect, my studio and I are Soul mates… That bring out the best in each other.. 😊

Gateway to Joy… πŸ˜Š

Over and over again, in many different ways, I realise the joy of consistency.

At one point, habits one wanted to inculcate, never really developed, excuses came in the way. All believable, justifiable…

Then, one day, things fell in place. My desire to paint a sketch a day, became a habit that intrenched itself seamlessly into my routine. I would get up early or work late, or draw in waiting rooms or lounges, but I never made any excuse.

I realise the many levels of bliss that open up when the eyes start seeing things in New ways and the hands understand the minds subtle orders of seamless coordination.

There is no time for procrastination, one is too busy doing things that one deeply enjoys and has made time for… 😊

Life Lessons from Yoga

“Surya Namaskar kijiye, ” my yoga guru tells me with all calmness.

He has no clue about the turmoil within me.

“Aap hamesha karwate hain, kabhi routine change bhi kar diya karen.” I reply, a trifle petulantly, ruing the repetitive nature of the yoga postures.

He explains to me patiently, the postures are the same, what you bring to it changes everyday.

Routine makes you realise what is going on inside you. Today, if you are impatient, the first thing that will change is your sincerity to your task. Be aware of that.

By changing your routine constantly you are looking for easy excitement whereas by sticking to a routine that you have done a hundred times, you are bringing a new concentration to what your mind thinks it knows by heart…. And therein will lie your true growth, concentration, equilibrium, stability and patience.

Every day is new, you are new with every day, don’t take that so lightly.

“Ab Surya Namaskar kijiye….”



Kids and Conviction πŸ˜Š

I met some amazing people during the Imagine Art Festival. They were uniformly loving, attentive, curious and complimentary 😊. But this meeting was simply too beautiful to not share!

I was sitting at my desk and trying to finish my ‘sketch a day’, when a cute little girl came up to me and asked if she could paint as well.

There was enough stationary and paints so I invited her to join me. She settled herself on the chair, feet dangling happily above the ground πŸ˜€.

With a look of great concentration and joy she started painting the petunia that was on the table. After sketching, she asked if she could share my paints and if I could give her a brush. Thus equipped, she proceeded to colour her petunia. ☺️

Her mom was waiting patiently on the side, clicking photographs of her little one painting.

Once she was done, I asked her if she wanted me to tear the page from my sketchbook for her to take home… She shook her head and said it was a gift for me! And that she would give it me only if she could write something on it first. πŸ€”

My curiosity was piqued, but she wouldn’t let me peep, and hid her message with her tiny cupped hand. 😁 She selected a pencil and proceeded to leave her message for me…

It read,

“From one artist to anotherβ€œ!!

She is eight years old, I think! 😁

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