Moon on my Mind

I love the moon. The shape of it. Any stage of its waxing and waning. Some of the most important life lessons, I learn from it… Most pertinent being things might not be as they seem… Give things time slow down, appreciate, wait… 😊


Pop Eye 😊 Poppy

Flowers bring a beauty to every landscape in ways that man can never dream of.

They grow with perfection in their chaos… Creating a foreground and background that is stunning. Even if one were to not look beyond one single flower, one is staring into perfection.

Line language 😊

What the world thinks of us becomes so important to us but they can never see the ALL of what we are…. Our dreams, our depth, our growth, they see only what their limited vision of us shows them… Our physical body, which they try to categorise… But we are way beyond that… We are a world unto ourselves… A beautiful, flourishing, fabulous world…. And we should never forget it!

The Making of a Pug

My mom sketched me today
She said I had a lovely smile 🀭
#pet #pug #Motu #happypug #sketch #sketchbook #asketchaday #SimplePleasuresofLife

I enjoy making a quick sketch of my pet. After the initial lines, it’s just about filling in colours and giving it some depth. It’s always a fun and rewarding experience 😊

Journal Journeys

Pressed between pages
Of a sketchbook
Some memories lie
Snug and safe
Carrying with them
Fragrance and colours
Of alien lands…

#Watercolours #canson #montvalpaper

I love keeping a visual journal with lots of images of what I enjoyed seeing in a new place.

These Diaries, kept over years, never fail to make me nostalgic as I remember the plants that grew, the season that was, the fragrance in the air, to me they are more precious than photographs.

While the words are there too, it is the visuals that evoke an instant reaction. 😊