Winter warmth.. 

​The winter sun is a great unifier. Everyone is attracted to its calm warmth and as they make their way to it, conversations start and words find release. As the group grows bigger, place is made for new entrants… Toddlers and strays and strangers. Humanity seems to have reached a comfortable place here.  
I watch from my studio balcony. Enjoying the sounds of laughter and children chasing each other. As the breeze steals their words and drops them near my coffee mug, I get a peek into their life. The joy of becoming a grandmother, a new recipe that turned out well, a new family member who is finding it difficult to adjust… As the conversations float, I sense a burden lifting from shoulders… It’s group therapy at its best… It makes me realise the importance of human connect. In a generation that is growing old together, it is important to know that friends are just a few steps away, in the open public lawn. 
This group shows me that it’s time to confirm that coffee date. The right time is now. Some conversations just cannot happen over whattsapp 😊