Monsoon Saga Unfolds…

Downpour? Necessary Chaos? Avoidable 

Beauty? Accidental 

Photography? Optional

Sharing? Inevitable 


Monsoon season won’t last… As the clouds do their job and the Government fails to do, we realize we are made of sterner stuff. 

Through flooded potholes and roads and jams we still make our soaking selves home to tell our shocking tales to stunned neighbors and family. Heck, we still have ‘Sawan Ka Maheena, Pawan Kare Sooooor’ playing sometimes, on repeat, as we delve into our options of how to get home, on a road crammed with sputtering and coughing cars.

As the clouds recede, their magic will linger along with the foreboding they bring of a collapsing infrastructure. 

As we open all the doors of our car, everyday, in the hopes of getting the carpeting to dry and the smell to evaporate, we keep one eye on the Met Department predictions, the other on the sky.

With a prayer on our lips and a song in our heart we step into another working day, patting our bag to make sure that the ineffectual umbrella is still there. We give a parting glance to the safe haven we are leaving behind and bid adieu to colorful ‘juttis’ struggling to dry into a wearable shape, on the balcony.

Yes, it takes more than this to break our spirit….

Because we are made of sterner stuff… ๐Ÿ˜Š

A Little Magic on the Road :)

Driving down to my studio yesterday, I had the misfortune of having one of those real nasty drivers behind me… Those who drive bumper to bumper, literally sitting on the horn and swearing all the time. I looked at him in the rear view mirror and he looked like a dark cloud of anger. 
How can one hasten a traffic jam? I wondered. And then, for my own peace of mind I decided to edge into another lane, just to get away from him. As he came into the spot I managed to vacate, I looked at him again and to my utter astonishment he was smiling!

The reason was in the car ahead of him… Two cute kids wouldn’t stop grinning their toothless grins and waving at him.. They broke down his armour of anger and somehow their smiles and innocence touched him. 

He waved at them shyly and tentatively at first.. And was slowly transformed into a more joyful being, a magic that only kids can weave… ๐Ÿ˜Š

Everyday India…

Flower sellers with bouquets, come and go like the seasons. They take over an island at a busy crossing and seem to create a home out of nothing. 
Plastic tents, some utensils, firewood, bedding and the ubiquitous children, complete their world. 

I marvel at their resilience and wonder about their life…. And sometimes I carry them in my thoughts into my studio, where they give me company and inspiration, and then, like with everything else, they move on… I move on….

The Balloon Sellerย 

The Balloon seller is a master businessman, as he prances between cars to sell his wares. He tactfully teases the little occupants till they start begging their parents for one. All this within the span of half an minute!
Deal done, money pocketed and off he runs, to the next red light.
A day on the roads for a little boy…

A Sketch a Day… The Endless Wait

Inspiration floats around in newspapers, photographs and everywhere on the streets. 

Now, more than ever before, fantastic subjects exist, that can be inspiring enough for one to spend time understanding and sketching for hours on end.

I read the newspapers with a scissor in my hands and chop everything that is even remotely exciting. I have boxes full of cuttings that I go through occasionally and they almost always give me food for thought!