Gladioli Grandeur :)

Glorious Gladioli

Bunched together

Like a 

Happy Family πŸ™‚

What are we?

What are we? 

If not a jumble of lines…

Dictating the length of our life

Or the quality of it..

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🐞🌷My kind of Weekend! πŸŒ΄πŸƒπŸŒΈ

It’s nice to pose a challenge for yourself once in a while:) The biggest gift it places on us is a feeling of confidence… The belief that we can undertake something and make it happen, everyday. 

 Completion of a task gives a glow that leaving tasks unfinished, takes away. In this small way we become our own happiness pill πŸ™‚

My challenge of A sketch a Day, makes me look forward to every morning with anticipation as I wonder what thought will surface up in a bid to be captured by me on paper.

It gives me the confidence to look at other, bigger tasks and know that I have it in me to finish them!

A Light Unto Oneself

It is beautiful to sit by oneself and just let thoughts meander out from within and flow on to the canvas… The result is peace giving.

I have never been disappointed when this urge enters me. It might be at the end of my day, and a desire might arise to just doodle with a certain colour. 

I  look at it as a beautiful blessing…one that never fails to soothe and give peace 😊