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Amaltas Avenue!

Amaltas Avenue!
Cycling in the early morning hours takes me to places that have been in my neighborhood, but have been missed by me because I am always rushing by. As the cycle urges me to slow down to a leisurely pace, I notice the beautiful amidst the ugly. 

Summer, with its blistering heat, takes away every urge to be outdoors and saps out energy from every living thing. But it is in the relative morning cool that the frolicking strays and their pups or the loud chirping of birds or a peacock ambling his graceful way home, or young children giggling as they try and find an open patch to start their play, that life takes on a different dimension. It is this change in perspective that brings new energy into the mundane and ordinary. At these times I am a silent observer of life. The reality of my existence takes away the weight of expectations from me and in that lightness of being, I too come alive.

My morning forays make me miss the cool mountains less. In the silence and solitude when people and pollution are minimal one is able to see enough beauty to last one through the day and of course, to also look forward to tomorrow and wonder about what new sights it will reveal!

#Sultanpur #Amaltas #Morningmusings #recyclingthoughts


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