I Am a Caterpillar Too…

Am a Caterpillar too…
Once, not too long ago, I asked the gardener to change the indoor plants in the living room. Dutifully, he removed them and brought in several new pots with lush green foliage. As he left, we got down to the business of cleaning the mess of fallen mud and debris.

As the maid was sweeping she screamed loudly and dropped the broom. She had been scared by a dark green caterpillar. I reassured her that it mustโ€™ve fallen from the new pots and that she should just sweep it into the balcony. While talking to her, I noticed some more caterpillars making their way under sofas and other low lying furniture. I kept quiet, so as not to alarm her further. I made a mental note to remove the furniture and clean thoroughly after she left. However, one thing led to another and I completely forgot about the caterpillars.
One day, I was sitting at the dining table, having coffee when I saw, coming from under the sofas and other furniture… butterflies. Gorgeous, colourful butterflies flitting around as though they belonged in my living room, a truly miraculous sight!
Those caterpillars which had creeped us out not too long back had metamorphosed into these beautiful butterflies. They had each found a dark, quiet spot and done their growing up there. When the time was right, they had shed the darkness and chosen to move into the light.
I am doing my own growing up too, at my own pace. Just like the caterpillars let their instinct guide them, my instinct tells me that we each are exactly as we are supposed to be. We are in different stages of evolution but no one can stop us from becoming the butterflies we are meant to be…

Summer Shots!

Make a safe place for the birds to visit and sit back and enjoy an ever changing scenario of beauty right outside your window. Never has so little effort yielded such rich dividends!

I have my camera ready with a zoom lens for just such scenes…the ones that not only give me joy, but in their sharing, bring a smile to so many faces.๐Ÿ˜€!

Morning Magic

 There was a time when a morning walk yielded priceless memories. My constant struggle was whether to catry a camera or just enjoy the walk.

On this particular occasion I couldn’t have been happier that i was lugging the camera around, in the hopes of just such a sight! It seemed like the notoriously shy Pea Fowl was dancing just for me ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and I was more than happy to oblige by clicking away!