Captivating Canopy

 One seldom looks up while walking under flowering Bogunville…this is what I saw when I strolled under them..A veritable stain glass ceiling, glowing with an amazing mixture of colours 🙂
In one of the most inhospitable seasons of Delhi, they bloom their brightest as if giving hope to humanity wilting under the relentless Sun  🙂


Drama in Real Life

Amidst a beautiful silence, the drama of a mint fresh day unfolds…it is no doubt one of the Greatest Shows on Earth, the sheer scale, the fireworks and drama! Nature at her ostentatious best. 

The ones who enjoy it the most seem to be the birds, squirrels and sundry other animals who are up at the crack of dawn to flex their wings and muscles to take the maiden outing of the day in absolute oneness with their environment! 


Simal Series

The Simal tree blooms in Delhi during the month of March. Almost overnight it transforms a drab cityscape into one bursting with color and joy. The thick, fat, brilliantly colored flowers attract birds of all kinds. Chatter, twitter and music fills the air!

When these flowers fall down with a thud, the smaller insects make it their playground. The sight fills me with delight and ever so often I pick up these fallen flowers and make them my muse. I share with you some of my conversations with them  🙂