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Magic of the Mountains 

My happiest memories involve the mountains.
For somebody living in the plains, the simple act of filling up a back pack means lightening up the weight of ones existence to an amount that one can carry on ones own back. By the process of elimination, almost every thing seems dispensible, except for the very basic items. 

With this selection comes a very real sense of lightness. Knowing that one can do with so little is really emancipating. The biggest possession, one easily realises, is ones good health. It is the single greatest requirement for any kind of movement, especially one that takes you to the rarefied air of the mountains and the walking that it inevitably entails.

Keeping fit then becomes a priority, living simply and eating healthy, a necessity. 

I love the mountains for what they bring out in me….

The sense of awe and adventure comes back, the breath tightens with excitement at every turn… The comfort of faith, lost somewhere in the cynicism of the city, tiptoes back into the soul. …The audible sound of silence and peace that envelope the nights and the days, help restart stilted conversations within….and reacquint me with myself..
Yes, my happiest memories definitely involve the mountains… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Magic of the Mountains 

  1. The mountains have a strange kind of pull on me. They can evoke fear and awe – at the same time. Slowly, I’ve grown to appreciate them and not let fear take over. So glad to have found your blog. Love your interpretation of nature through art. 🙂

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