When Time Stops…

 Sometimes time stops. One might be in the middle of the regular and then the irregular happens. One leaves the pile of laundry on the floor, one requests the help to be silent for a moment and then one enlarges the photo to full screen and just soaks in the colours, the immensity of the waterscape and sky, and then, even though one is hundreds of miles away, one finds oneself on the Shikara, floating in absolute silence….Till the doorbell rings! 🙂
The stunning Dal Lake!

Photo credit Anshumaan Kapoor 

18th Sept, 2015 

A Wild Ride!

I remember travelling to the hills in buses that were held together by the sheer genius of the driver and conductor (and some highly innovative roadside mechanic!). There was nothing there that did not rattle or squeak. It stopped at the remotest of places and welcomed everybody happily. The guy holding a squawking chicken upside down was as comfortable boarding, as a lady with a basket full of fresh vegetables which rolled out at every turn.
During one journey, rain pourned inside the bus because of holes in the roof. It was then that the stranger behind me opened his umbrella and saved the day and my head!
I have come to believe in the goodness of human nature through my travels. I have seen people go out of their way more often than not, to help someone in distress. 
Maybe I travel because it rekindles my faith in humanity…
Enroute to Lamahatta, WB

May, 2015

Lower that window!


When I was little, putting my head near the open car window was one of my favourite things to do during journeys. The play of the breeze on the face and hair, the myriad fragrances of a wet mountain road, all added to the fun of travel, with music providing a happy, foot-tapping beat.
However, It stopped when contact lenses found their way into the eyes and vanity prevented the newly shampooed hair from getting messed up in the wind!
Now, years later, the playfulness of childhood has dawned yet again and as one leaves the pollution of the city behind and starts the uphill climb on mountainous roads, down come the windows and one, once again, discovers the simple pleasures of driving… 🙂
Sikkim Roads, Premonsoon,

May, 2015