When Nature  Celebrates!

Sometimes the joy in my heart finds its way onto the canvas in a  riot of colours….painting  is inspired by nature in so many ways, but the most important lesson it teaches is to not be afraid, just bloom in the best way you know 🙂 


What are monsoons without rain laden clouds? 

I love those places where the rains force you to walk barefoot in the grass…where they urge you to discard the umbrella because they say, ‘Just enjoy me because I am just passing through!’ 

Beautiful Drive…Brilliant Day!

A drive through the Sal forests of Doon is always a memorable one. The thick cover of trees is home to many species of birds and animals. 

What I find very interesting to watch is the poses that monkeys make as they sit perched on stumps of trees or sundry rocks! They look most human as they watch humanity rush by, sometimes scratching their heads in wonder at our impatience to overtake one another at all costs!