Gentle Giant


The power of contact and touch is vital for all newborns regardless of whether they are human or animal. This father makes sure that the baby is cosy and safe from the cold mountain air and he hugs the calf and lets it suckle on his finger while they wait for the cow to come home after a meal of fresh grass.. 🙂

I got the Whole World in my Hands!

The youngster below was working in a tea-stall in the hills. When we stopped for a break, he enthusiastically opened a wooden cupboard and brought these handful of pups. One couldn’t help but notice his sense of pride in this little pack 🙂

When I asked him how they breathed inside the wooden cupboard, he opened it wide and showd me the crude holes he had made at the back of it! The mother of these pups was also inside, recouperating from the birthing ordeal, no doubt.

DSC_0233ffboywith pups